Nedbank · Integrated Report 2016 · Basis of presentation

  • The capitals
  • Conciseness
  • Connectivity of information

Key observations:

Nedbank Group publish a succinct yet informative ‘About our Integrated Report’ discussion which aligns with para. 4H of the International <IR> Framework – basis of preparation and presentation. The discussion begins by covering the scope and boundary of reporting (4.43-4.46) and moves onto summarising key aspects of Nedbank’s value creation process (a fundamental concept of integrated thinking and reporting), approach to materiality (para. 4.42) and the six capitals influenced by the company (paras. 2.15-2.16).

A list of icons is provided for reference throughout the report which cover stakeholder groups, strategic focus areas, material matters and assurance indicators, thereby demonstrating connectivity (para. 3B) in reporting. The section finally presents a summary of the reporting frameworks used in the report’s preparation which satisfies paras. 4.47-4.48 of the International <IR> Framework.

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