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Key observations:

The "About this report" section of Achmea's 2014 Annual Report contains information about the overall reporting process and presentation of information in the report.  The stated objective of the company's annual report is to provide a holistic overview of the organization, demonstrating links between its strategy, governance and the social and economic context in which it operates.  This section begins with a brief discussion of the various reporting frameworks and standards that have been used in the preparation of the Annual Report, including the <IR> Framework.  The reporting boundary for the report is also established, and is noted to include Achmea B.V. and all its group companies; however, certain companies noted in Annex B are not included in the reporting of some social and environmental issues.  Finally, the company's stakeholder engagement process is introduced and reference made to the company's materiality matrix and prioritization of material matters found on page 18 of the report.

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