· Basis of presentation

  • Conciseness
  • Connectivity of information
  • Materiality
  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

This section aligns with Paragraph 4.42 of the International <IR> Framework by providing a brief description of the process for identifying material items. Page 20 opens with a bulleted summary of resources consulted during the materiality determination process. The report goes on to present and explain Eskom’s “Stakeholder Materiality Matrix”, which maps issues based on their significance to stakeholders and impact to the organization. The matrix also features a series of Navigation Icons, which are first introduced on page 1 of the Integrated Report. These icons serve to connect related themes throughout the document.

The section then presents an overview of Eskom’s interaction with stakeholders in the context of strategic objectives, as well as its method of interaction with seven stakeholder groups. In both cases, tables are used to communicate the information in a succinct manner.

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