· Business model

  • Value creation
  • Connectivity of information
  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

In order to answer the question “What is the organisation’s business model” (International <IR> Framework, para. 4.10), in its Integrated Annual Report 2016 JSC ATOMENERGOMASH outlines, through a graph, the key resources, activities and marketing actions with which it creates value for the company and for stakeholders (International <IR> Framework, para. 2.6). In particular, value for the company and for stakeholders is presented by means of KPIs related to the six capitals (human, intellectual, manufactured and financial are referred to the company and natural and social capitals to stakeholders) (International <IR> Framework, paras. 4.19-4.20). This focus on the business model is then included in the ‘Industrial Chain for the Direction of ‘Atomic Energy’, which represents the logical flow of actions that are carried out in order to create value.

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