· Business model

  • Value creation
  • Conciseness

Key observations:

ACCA’s 2017 Integrated Report includes a concise business model discussion based around value creation, a fundamental concept of the <IR> Framework (2B). Three societal influences and inputs are initially outlined before four columns explain the stages of how the organisation adds value. The first two columns summarise and explain the ‘key resources’ relied on by the organisation (inputs – 4.14-4.15 of the <IR> Framework) and ‘key value adding activities’ (4.16-4.17). The third and fourth columns then indicate the model’s ‘key outputs’ (4.18) and ‘key outcomes’ (4.19-4.20), thereby making a distinction between the specific value created and how this impacts stakeholders. The discussion then ends with three overarching societal impacts ACCA generates.

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