· Business model

  • The capitals
  • Value creation
  • Connectivity of information
  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

Coca-Cola HBC effectively uses the opening section of the report to introduce their business model and strategic framework. The main focus is on their four prioritised strategic areas, with a focus on the company’s key stakeholder relationships. Furthermore, the report provides insightful views on the value propositions the company offers. On page 12-13, the business model diagram conveys an interesting composite of information covering the input capitals, the area of the value chain which the business occupies and the value which is created as a result of the company’s activities.

For example, one of the strengths recognized by the company is the successful partnership with the Coca-Cola Company. The report explains how value is created by the Coca-Cola Company and then delivered by Coca-Cola HBC. 

In addition, the report describes how value is “manufactured",   distributed", "added" and "shared" by Coca-Cola HBC in collaboration with their strategic stakeholders.

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