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  • Conciseness
  • Reliability and completeness

Key observations:

Gold Field's concise presentation of its business model accounts for each of the Group's key stakeholder groups, their contribution to the value creation process and the outcomes from which they benefit as a result. The narrative on page 9 presents the business model in the context of the company's strategic focus areas and discusses how the extraction of gold creates value for a broad range of stakeholders.  Gold Fields acknowledges, however, that not all of the outcomes are value-adding – including the creation of mining waste and CO2 emissions.  This discussion of the company's business model utilizes cross-references to other areas of the report with more detailed information to streamline the discussion.

The infographic on pages 10-11 visually depicts Gold Fields' business model, highlighting various inputs that constitute multiple <IR> capitals.  In addition to identifying several outcomes of its gold mining process, the company has demonstrated an effort to quantify and measure these outcomes.  

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page 10