· Business model

  • The capitals
  • Value creation
  • Conciseness

Key observations:

Coca-Cola Hellenic’s business model in their 2015 Integrated Report succinctly presents which capital inputs are relied on to create value, how value is added through business activities, the quantified value created (outputs), and how and with whom value is shared (outcomes) [4.12 of the <IR> Framework]. The two-page spread also demonstrates connectivity by linking the reader to supplementary information, such as corporate values and KPIs, elsewhere in the report [4.13 of the <IR> Framework].

This section provides sufficient context to understand how Coca-Cola Hellenic convert inputs into value, and how this is shared with key stakeholder groups, without burdening the reader [3.37 of the <IR> Framework]. This therefore shows alignment with Guiding Principle 3E of the <IR> Framework – conciseness.

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