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  • Connectivity of information

Key observations:

Anglo American’s ‘How we create shared value’ business model in their 2016 Annual Report demonstrates many key traits of the <IR> Framework. The section opens with a summary discussion and infographic which provide context for the model and outline Anglo American’s strategic advantages. As per 4.13 of the <IR> Framework, the model’s diagram connects the reader to information in other sections of the report, including KPIs, risks and governance. On top of this clear exhibition of connectivity, the model then outlines both Group and operating business inputs (4.14-4.15 of the <IR> Framework) and concisely discusses the businesses’ value creation activities (4.16-4.17).

The model then provides further evidence for the company’s value creation activities by discussing and quantifying both ‘outputs’ (4.18 of the <IR> Framework) and ‘outcomes’ (4.19-4.20). Although the business model discussion contains a large amount of detail, it is a highly effective example of communication as it comprehensively illustrates the array of links between various elements of both the business and the report.

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