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  • Value creation
  • Conciseness

Key observations:

Gecina’s Integrated Annual Report presents a spread which outlines the key resources the organisation relies on to create value and then quantifies the value created in each of these categories. Six resources are highlighted first – Financial Resources, Portfolio, Customers and Occupants, Suppliers and Partners, Workforce, and Natural Resources – aligning with para. 4.12 of the International <IR> Framework as the report discloses the key inputs to Gecina’s business model. Two-four statistics are provided for each, which gives the reader a quantified perspective.

The spread then shows the ‘value created’ in relation to each of these six resources, again including a range of quantified statistics which provide an additional level of detail to the discussion. These show the ‘outputs’ and ‘outcomes’ of the business model (paras. 4.18-4.20 of the International <IR> Framework). Headings also indicate some of the stakeholder groups affected, for instance ‘Workplace wellness, comfort and health, improving employee productivity’ and ‘Creating indirect jobs, supporting the local and national economy’.

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