· Business model

  • The capitals
  • Conciseness
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Strategic focus and future orientation

Key observations:

Sasol’s business model is illustrated over two two-page spreads. The first succinctly summarises the six capital inputs, key processes, outputs and outcomes of the model (paras. 4.14-4.20 of the International <IR> Framework), before quantified data is provided on the company’s ‘financial’ and ‘sustainability’ impacts.

The second spread provides a more detailed ‘Scoreboard of our six capitals’ which presents more granular information on the model’s elements, and data tables, on key inputs and stakeholder value created in relation to each of the six capitals. Concise bullet points also illustrate ‘actions to enhance outcomes [for stakeholders]’, which demonstrate alignment with para. 3A of the International <IR> Framework – strategic focus and future orientation. An additional column then provides deeper insight into the model by discussing the ‘trade-offs’ associated with the capitals influenced by Sasol.

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