· Governance

  • Connectivity of information
  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

In the ‘Responsible Business’ section of the 2015 Review, Aegon outlines its approach to management and the importance that shareholders have in relation to governance. In line with para. 4.8 of the International <IR> Framework, Aegon discusses how its multi-tier governance system, which includes inputs from shareholders, is able to support its Responsible Business commitment, which is embedded into the overarching corporate strategy. This also adheres to the guiding principle of “Connectivity of information” (para. 3.6 of the International <IR> Framework).  Narratives also highlights how Aegon specifically applies this commitment to various stakeholder groups, such as customers, employees, business partners, regulators, governments and tax authorities, evidencing in this way the nature of some of its stakeholder relationships (para. 3.10 of the International <IR> Framework).


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