BT Group · Integrated Report 2017 · Governance

  • Value creation

Key observations:

The Nominating & Governance Committee (N&GC) Report in BT Group’s 2017 Integrated Report opens with a quote from the committee chair which highlights that decisions regarding succession have an impact on the company’s long-term future success. This shows alignment with the governance aspect of the <IR> Framework which calls for integrated reports to show how governance supports the company’s ability to create value in the short, medium and long-term (4.8).

Several specific discussions in the N&GC Report show further congruence with 4.9 of the <IR> Framework, including the ‘Governance structure and effectiveness’ which covers two ways in which BT Group have reviewed and improved the effectiveness of the Board. A table is also included which outlines actions the N&GC have taken in regard to five strategic and governance-related developments, which include succession planning and culture integration.

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