Nedbank · Integrated Report 2016 · Governance

  • Connectivity of information
  • Strategic focus and future orientation

Key observations:

Nedbank Group’s 2016 Integrated Report includes a ‘Committed to good governance’ discussion which highlights how specific actions taken by the Board have impacted the strategic direction of the company. This aligns with 4.9 of the <IR> Framework which calls for insight into how governance activities are linked to the company’s ability to create value.

Five ‘key deliberations’ are then highlighted in tables, with page references linking readers to earlier sections of the report. This shows connectivity between content elements (3.8). Succinct explanations give greater insight each of the deliberations which provide context to ‘Our response and action’ discussions, which themselves cover how the Board have acted or plan to act in regard to each issue. This section therefore shows alignment with 4E of the <IR> Framework (strategic focus and future orientation) and indicates strong links between Nedbank’s governance and value creation activities.

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