DBS · Annual Report 2016 · Governance

  • Value creation

Key observations:

As aligned with the view that “an integrated report should answer the question: how does an organization’s governance structure support its ability to create value in the short, medium and long term” (International <IR> Framework, para. 4.8), in the section on “Corporate Governance” DBS Bank provides insights on aspects, such as the Board composition (p. 48), its focus areas for discussion as well as the structure and topics of its meetings and the key responsibilities assigned. In addition, the Board Evaluation Process conducted by the Nominating Committee is also presented (pp. 51-52). It consists in a questionnaire completed by each Director through which the Nominating Committee not only tracks and analyse the Board performance, but also identifies areas for improvement. This way, the linkage with value creation is conceived not only through remuneration and incentives but also through a review of the Board’s performance.

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