· Organisational overview and external environment

  • Value creation
  • Conciseness
  • Strategic focus and future orientation

Key observations:

Novo Nordisk present its business model and strategy for the company to achieve its ambitious goal of providing quality diabetes care products to 40 million people by 2020. The report shows the company’s efforts and various activities taken under the name of “Changing Diabetes®” in a concise manner.

This succinct two-page section contains insightful information on how and where the company will make changes in the future, as well as creating value for those who are in need of help. Not only does this cover short-term financial profits, but long-term human rights improvements are taken into account as an area where the company’s strength and resources can make a definite change. The report, furthermore, identifies key partnerships needed for them to support their activities.

Six case studies in relation to the “Changing Diabetes®” activities are then provided to give an overview of the project with specific quantitative data. This gives readers a clearer understanding of what the company actually does and the feasibility of the company’s long-term goal is.

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