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  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Strategic focus and future orientation

Key observations:

Omron’s 2014 Integrated Report opens with a brief explanation of its value creation process under the corporate philosophy ‘working for the benefit of society’. Its value drivers, which are the basis for the company’s long-term management direction, are defined as recognizing society’s potential needs promptly; creating numerous products and services that help industry, society, and people’s lives; and solving social issues through business.

The company’s value creation process is also reflected in the management’s future strategy, with an emphasis on the interaction between the business and social issues. By looking into the inter-related advancement of science, technology and society over the years, the report provides the readers with an insight into the future outlook of Omron’s products and markets. This outlook also corroborates the Company’s long term strategy up to 2020 and offers a rational of why Omron focuses on the social demands around safety, security, healthcare and the environment.

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