· Risks and opportunities

  • Connectivity of information
  • Strategic focus and future orientation

Key observations:

OKBM’s report provides an insightful overview of the company’s operating environment, the associated risks and how this changes. The discussion examines the business environment from different angles, including the impacts on the global macro-economy, the country and the business. A SWOT analysis which frames the company’s strategic path follows the discussion to provide context of how OKBM are positioned to operate within this environment. The report also indicates alternative scenarios (optimistic and conservative scenarios) that have been analyzed, depending on the probability of the risk-occurrence.

Along with this discussion, the company goes onto explain what the different risk areas are and the associated preventive measures in a structured and logical manner, making it easy for readers to understand what the future challenges to the company could be, and how the company strives to respond to them. 

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