· Risks and opportunities

  • Connectivity of information

Key observations:

Gecina’s 2015 Integrated Report discusses five individual macro-market-trends in terms of both risks and opportunities, thereby showing compliance with 4.23 of the International <IR> Framework. Each is given a paragraph on ‘risks’ associated with the trend, a paragraph on the ‘opportunities’ arising from the trend and several data points which quantify certain aspects of the trend. The ‘opportunities’ paragraphs summarise future actions and provide a forward-thinking aspect to the section, therefore showing alignment with Guiding Principle 3A – strategic focus and future orientation.


As information on market trends is integrated with, and discussed alongside, risks and opportunities, the report shows additional alignment with Guiding Principle 3B – connectivity of information – which outlines that Integrated Reports should show the interrelatedness and dependencies between the factors that affect value creation (3.6 of the international <IR> Framework).


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