Kumba Iron Ore · Integrated Report 2016 · Strategy and resource allocation

  • Value creation
  • Conciseness
  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

Kumba Iron Ore’s 2016 Integrated Report includes a detailed spread on ‘Addressing stakeholder interests’, which opens with a summary of the five criteria used when prioritising stakeholders. Following this are tables which illustrate, for each stakeholder group, the engagement channels Kumba have used and key issues raised. The three biggest priority issues for Kumba are then highlighted in additional tables which summarise each issue, explain which (and why) stakeholders are interested, and what Kumba’s responses to these are.

This section shows alignment with para. 3.10 of the International <IR> Framework which calls for integrated reports to demonstrate the organisation taking into account, and responding to, stakeholder interests and para 3.36 which calls for conciseness, as bullet points are used to communicate key information.

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