Gujarat Fluorochemicals · Integrated Report 2020 · Organisational overview and external environment

  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

Gujarat Fluorochemicals clearly evidences how it has embedded integrated thinking across the business and demonstrates how it fully considers stakeholders’ needs and interests, in accordance with paragraph 3.13 of the International <IR> Framework. Gujarat Fluorochemicals effectively uses a table format to describe its stakeholder engagement practices. For each stakeholder group, the company identifies the relevant value proposition, explains why the stakeholder is important to the company, and sets out why the company engages with them. The company also sets out the key ESG concerns for each stakeholder group, and uses icons to evidence the link between each stakeholder group and the capitals.

Moreover, Gujarat Fluorochemicals underlines how it has built strong relationships with stakeholders through continuous interactions, communications and consultations. It uses an infographic to outline the multiple stages of the stakeholder engagement process, and reveals that it has a Stakeholders Relationship Committee to address complaints and grievances.

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