Meridian Energy · Integrated Report 2017 · Strategy and resource allocation

  • Value creation
  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

Meridian Energy’s 2017 Integrated Report publishes a ‘Meridian stakeholders’ spread which uses infographics to present information. The centrepiece of this discussion is a pull-out feature which summarises the ‘important issues for all stakeholders’ – the key findings of stakeholder engagement (4.29 of the <IR> Framework) – and demonstrates connectivity (3B of the <IR> Framework) by providing signposts to other discussions in the report and the corporate website.

10 stakeholder groups are identified, with pull-out features summarising what actions Meridian Energy take for each group, thereby showing alignment with 3.10 of the <IR> Framework which calls for insight into how the organisation responds to stakeholders’ needs and interests. Signposts are also provided here to other relevant discussions in the report and the website. The bullet point format, means that it is concise, aligning with 3.36 of the <IR> Framework.

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