1. Outlook

    Xstrata provides an overview of the company's markets for the year-in-review, before moving into a more future-focused outlook discussion which provides the context for the chosen strategic direction of the business. Xstrata uses independent data to provide gravitas to the statements made and makes clear references to the company strategy discussion for more information, making the connection…

  2. Outlook

    Eskom provides an insight into the five-year priorities through to 2016/17. Eskom have also highlighted the priorities which will be the focus areas for the coming year in the journey to achieving the overall vision of the business. The upcoming priorities are discussed in more detail, focusing on the future activities which will be undertaken.

  3. Outlook

    Rather than simply supplying the reader with a financial forecast, AstraZeneca provides information on both research progress and future patent expiries, allowing readers to make their own judgment around management’s expectations for the operational performance in the future.